Myths about dental implants need to be clarified as people may hesitate to go in for such implants. Dental implants do make a smile attractive. These existing myths can cloud one’s opinion.

Before undertaking any sort of dental treatment, particularly teeth replacements patients do seek adequate information. They try to sort out the myths existing around teeth replacements and then go in for dental implants.

There are several myths about dental implants that need to be cleared no doubt. Dental implants are made use of lost teeth. People desire a bright and attractive smile and even older people do so. Looks do matter to young and old and a smile adds to attractive looks.

Myth 1: Placing an implant is painful

It is not painful at all. Surgery does alarm patients and many feel scared and imagine all sorts of terrible scenes about it. It is important to know that dental implants do not cause any pain at all. Be it a single implant or more, the manipulation is carried out under local anesthesia and there is of course no pain at all.

Myth 2: The surgery takes a long

Most often, surgery duration is of course shorter than tooth extraction or sealing. Much depends on the number of implants to be placed and also the complexity of the case.

Myth 3: Dental implants are risky

Statistics and interesting data from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry highlighted in 2006, in the United States indicate otherwise. Several people received dental implants with a success rate of an average of 96% to 98.5%. On the whole many do get dental implants fixed.

Myth 4: It is a new and unknown technology

The idea of replacing a tooth with a new one in the bone has no doubt been known to society for more than 2,000 years. Clear historical evidence does exist of such early attempts to place bamboo sticks in bones in Ancient China along with replacements made of ivory, wood as well as other natural materials. The development of modern dental implantology has been developing at a very fast pace.

7 Myths about Dental Implants

Myth 5: Osseointegration takes too long

For two-part implants, this is rather usually between 2-3 to 6 months, depending on the quality of the bone and the place of insertion of one’s implant, and then the implant can place a permanent crown and the patient will then be able to eat normally.

In basal implants, crowns are rather placed within 3 days of the implants’ insertion (bio cortically) and then loading is of course possible at an earlier stage.

With both systems, it is indeed possible to remove the tooth (root) and implant placement during the same visit to the clinic!

Myth 6: An implant is more expensive than a bridge

In most cases, prices are the same when comparing the cost of a crown implant to the given construction of a bridge over two teeth, that are adjacent to the missing tooth, together with the cost for the preceding endodontics treatment of such teeth. In due course, of course, the bridge would not be a good solution. Bridges tend to involve several teeth and the larger the bridge, the faster these teeth do start to shake, and the bone under the bridge does quickly lose its volume. Each subsequent treatment option would naturally be more expensive and also more complex.

Myth 7: Older people are not eligible for implantation

Implant placement is rather determined by the condition of the bone. Modern implant systems do offer several implant placements even with a small bone volume. When patients do choose whether to go for implant therapy, it is usually important that they make an informed decision based on quality and also reliable sources.


Thus dental implants are indeed a convenient option for lost teeth.

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